Our Large Brim Fold Up Straw Hats are back in stock in natural, fleck, black, blue/ purple, lime & jade, dark orange, plum red and grey


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Relax & Unwind

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Relax & Unwind

In today's busy world, it is often easy to forget to relax as we focus on getting things done. As you come home to relax & unwind, treat yourself or loved one to a well-deserved pamper with a beautifully scented diffuser, a soak in the bath and then slip into bed with a cashmere eye mask & refocus your mind.

Top Tip: "Mindfulness is bringing attention to internal and external experiences that are happening in the present moment. Try spending some quiet time, breathing, relaxing getting to know yourself. Practice 10 -15 minutes of meditation each day with your eyes closed and observe our physical sensations, thoughts and emotions." Aromatherapy Associates